Jeb 2nd Player to Finish Lunar Attack

Once again, Jeb has managed to finish Lunar Attack today with a score of 1,956,430 in Pro difficulty level. Jeb is the first one to finish is the Pro difficulty level, and the second one to finish the game.

Congratulations to Jeb for a job well done.

In my haste, I didn’t even notice that Jeb had already finished Lunar Attack on August 8th with a score of 1,826,890 in the Novice leader board. Then, as reported earlier, he finished the game on the Pro leader a week later.

Update Part 2:
On August 22, Jeb finished Lunar Attack in the Guru difficulty level with a score of 1,977,720. He is now the 2nd player to finish the game in Guru mode, but his score is 3rd in the leaderboard on that list.


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